The Owner Ruthlessly Hung the Dog On A Leash, It Was Stuck For Too Long And Couldn’t Breathe…

Many people keep guard dogs to guard their territory. Most of them seem angry and scary when you approach them – but that’s what they exist for, to scare away uninvited guests.

However, when passers-by spotted a guard dog named Matthew, it did not instill fear in them. Instead, people experienced sadness, disappointment, and great pity for the dog. Matthew “guarded” a car dealership in San Jose, Costa Rica.

The owner rarely fed Matthew, and when she got sick, he didn’t take her to the vet. Eventually, the dog became so weak that he could no longer stand.

She was sitting in an old tire with a chain around her neck, which was so short that the dog could not lower its head. It can be said that her head hung on a chain that slowly pierced into her flesh. Matthew’s health got worse and worse.

She developed serious breathing problems and wounds on her neck from the chain.  If no one had come to the aid of the poor dog, she would certainly have died.

Luckily, a man living near the car dealership noticed the dire state of Cala and called the police, who in turn contacted the local animal shelter Territorio de Zaguates for help.

The employees of the organization were determined to save the dog at all costs, but they understood that the situation was not easy. Lost self-esteem.

Leah Battle, the founder of Territorio de Zaguates, will never forget the horror she felt when she first saw Matthew. Here is what she said in an interview with The Dodo: “I felt incredibly sad and desperate.

When I first saw Matthew, she looked more like a pitiful creature, devoid of dignity, ready to give up without resistance. The spirit of the fighting dog was broken, and she was just waiting for this endless nightmare to end.

Luckily, the police and shelter staff were able to take Matthew away from her abusive owner and take her to the veterinary clinic. There, she was properly taken care of and treated for deep wounds that had appeared due to the chain around her neck.

When the dog’s health was no longer in danger, Matthew was transferred to the animal shelter “Territorio de Zaguates”, whose staff helped her to recover both physically and emotionally.

It took some time for Kale to recover: her wounds were difficult to treat, and the psychological trauma she experienced left a deep mark on the dog’s soul.

It seemed to the shelter staff that Matthew hated other dogs. They were afraid to let her near them and worried that she would never succumb to rehabilitation.

According to one version, Matthew never met other dogs, and some believed that she was trained to attack and kill other animals.

However, over time, Matthew began to show trust in other dogs. From a weak, sick, and downtrodden dog, she turned into a strong and self-confident animal. “With each passing day, her true personality began to be traced more and more in the behavior of Matthew.

She stopped being afraid and began to trust people, and even demand their attention to herself,” says Leah Battle. Nevertheless, the shelter could not provide complete security for its guests. In June of this year, unknown persons entered the territory of the shelter and scattered sausages with poison over the cages.

16 dogs died. Matthew also ate the poisoned sausage, but miraculously survived, probably because the amount of poison was not calculated for her weight.

The incident undermined her psychological health, because of which she had to cope with some neurological problems.

However, she recovered again … because Matthew is a real fighter! Kale had to endure years of abuse, torture, hunger, and disease. When she was rescued, her life hung in the balance, but she found the strength and desire to live on.

While many dogs never get a second chance, Matthew’s recovery has inspired thousands. This, of course, cannot but rejoice!

Today, Matthew lives with a foster family who gives her the love and attention she needs. Meanwhile, Leah Battle continues to save a huge number of dogs, trying to give them a new, better life.

However, she will never forget the story of Matthew. The salvation of Matthew is a great example of the victory of good over evil. Love always wins in the end!

Dien Tran

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